Renovate Your Retirement and a Farmhouse

The Farmhouse | The Beginnings

Before we dive into the story of our farmhouse renovations, I want to share a few things to set the stage.

In 2007, while we were living in the suburbs, I had a vision of us living on a farm, surrounded by people laughing and talking in a huge garden. Ever since I was a young child I knew that I wanted to retire on a nice quiet farm with room to explore and buildings to restore.  With all the options available I knew I had to start my search long before I retired so that I could take my time and find the property that lived up to my childhood dreams.

When we pulled up in the driveway for the first time, I KNEW this was where we belonged. I couldn’t even put it into words. You guys, I didn’t even like the house! Yet, I knew deep inside this was the place. This was the farm in the vision.

But…at what cost?

Saving A Piece of Marion Kansas History

The place needed MAJOR work. The previous owners of the house had lived here since the 1940s. There had been a few updates since then, but not many. Our house was built sometime in the 1880s but we think the kitchen was added on in the ’20s or ’30s.

When we purchased the house in 2010, the seller told us they were certain whoever purchased the property would bulldoze the house and build a new house.

We had managed to sell our previous home in 2010, but at a massive loss (during the major housing slump), so we’re completely broke and living tight on one income. Affording food was our main priority.

When we decided to look for a new home, we declared we did NOT want another fixer-upper (since we had just lost our shirt on our last fixer-upper). Huh. Somehow we ended up buying a house that people thought should be bulldozed.  [ Insert maniacal laugh here]

Long story short, we bought the farm, we were broke and we had SO MANY renovations to do. For about 3 years, we left most of the house as is, until we could afford to renovate.

Farmhouse Renovation Phase Plan

  1. Main Building and living quarters
  2. Big Red Barn
  3. Scary Out Building
  4. Old Carriage House
  5. Horse Trail Clean Up
  6. New Buildings to be added (private cabins, greenhouse, river view cabins)
Stone house farm out building farmhouse renovation in Marion Kansas
The “Scary Out Building” soon to be our dining under the stars pavilion!

Please join us and follow our photo journal and project updates as we go.